• 18-Inch Gold Filled Chain with Vintage Moon and Sun Charm
  • Vintage-Inspired Moon and Sun Necklace on a 14kt Gold Filled Chain

Eclipse Necklace


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Evoke the timeless allure of celestial beauty with our Vintage-Inspired Moon and Sun Necklace. This enchanting piece captures the essence of yesteryear's charm, featuring a delicate interplay between a vintage-style moon and sun pendant. The intricately designed necklace adds a touch of mystique to your ensemble, making it an ideal accessory for those who appreciate a hint of nostalgia. Embrace the celestial harmony of this necklace and let your style shine with a touch of vintage elegance.

-Chain measures 18 inches

-Spring Ring Clasp

-14t Gold Filled Chain

-Bronze charm with 14kt gold filled overlay