Permanent Jewelry

Are you ready to get zapped at Covet? If you're familiar with permanent jewelry and just want to make an appointment, schedule now. However, if you still have questions about it...keep reading our FAQ below.  

Eternity (Permanent) Jewelry in Palm Springs


What is permanent jewelry?

It's a quick and painless process that uses a micro welding technique to connect chain together without a clasp.  

Do I need an appointment to get permanent jewelry?

An appointment is highly recommended to save your spot, but we do take walk ins. You may just have to wait for a bit if it's busy. 

What metals do you use for the permanent bracelets, rings, and necklaces?

We use 14kt gold filled and sterling silver chains. 

What is the cost?

Bracelets - $89

Rings - $42 

How long will my permanent jewelry stay on?

Your pieces will stay on for as long as you want! Though if for some reason you would like to remove your jewelry, just cut the chain with scissors. Be sure to save it if you would like to have it re-attached or have a clasp put on it. 

Can I go through airport security with permanent jewelry?

Absolutely! TSA does not ask you to remove fine jewelry, so you'll be able to take your permanent jewelry with you on all your adventures!

Who should not get permanent jewelry?

Those with pacemakers should not get permanent jewelry because of the welding process.

Allergies to sterling silver, and gold fill are rare, but those with allergies should not get permanent jewelry.

Can I hire you to do permanent jewelry at my event?

Yes! Permanent jewelry is great for birthday's, bachelorettes, weddings, corporate events, you name it. Please email to get started.

Can kids get permanent jewelry?

We don't do permanent jewelry on kids under 10 years old, but we're happy to make a custom clasped bracelet for them out of any of the chain options.

Why don't you do anklets?

After some testing, we have decided not to offer anklets because they're not as long lasting. We only want to offer styles that will truly wear wonderfully. 

What if my chain breaks?

If your chain breaks or stretches, we're happy to re-attach it or put a clap on it for you...either option is $10. You can make an appointment, or just walk in for the repair. If the chain is missing, a new chain will need to be purchased.