• Intricate Domed Desertscape Necklace with palm tree design and 14kt gold filled chain.
  • Elegant 18-Inch Gold Filled Necklace with Desert Landscape Charm

High Desert Dream Necklace


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Transport yourself to an oasis of tranquility with our Domed Desertscape Necklace. This exquisite piece captures the serene beauty of the desert with a domed pendant featuring intricate palm trees against a desert backdrop. The three-dimensional design adds depth and elegance, making it a unique and eye-catching accessory.

Crafted for those who appreciate the finer details, this necklace is perfect for adding a touch of wanderlust to your ensemble. Whether you're seeking a casual day look or something more refined, you can elevate your jewelry collection with this stunning piece – a wearable escape to the palm-lined horizons of the desert.

-14kt Gold Filled chain

-18 inches long

-Spring Ring Clasp

-Bronze Charm with 14kt gold overlay