How To Organize Your Jewelry

At the shop, I always get questions about the best way to organize jewelry so it doesn't get tangled or damaged...or just forgotten about. I probably untangle about at least a half dozen necklaces a week, which is the result of improper storage. 

So I decided to "comb the web" and put together some of the best affordable  DIY options I came across. So here goes! 

1. DIY Industrial Jewelry Holder from Made In A Day

You'll actually want this organizer to be seen. It makes a beautiful and functional accent to any room. Learn how to make it here

Industrial Jewelry Holder

2. Shabby Chic Reclaimed Knob Holder

This one's super easy. No instructions needed. Just collect some of your favorite knobs ( vintage ones work great) and then drill them into a plank of reclaimed wood. Easy peasy!

Shabby Chic Reclaimed Knob Holder

3. Bronze Pyramid Earring Holder

Here's another pretty option that you'll want to keep on display. Our friends over at A Beautiful Mess share how to create this pyramid

Bronze Pyramid Earring Holder

4. Post Earring Solution

This easy little idea is perfect for making sure you don't loose any of those tiny stud earrings that are so hard to keep up with. Just use a length of wide ribbon or even a strip of leather or velvet. 

Post Earring Solution

5. Chain Link Earring Organizer

Now I can say that being in the jewelry business for over 12 years, that I've seen almost every kind of jewelry holder idea. However, this one was a new one!! so creative and space efficient. Learn more about it here

Chain Link Earring Organizer